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We created Dogs Plate Senior to make sure your best friends live a long and healthy life. Proteins found in poultry and beef meat are good for their internal organs, muscles and immune system. Dogs Plate Senior is a well-balanced portion of valuable fats and amino acids, digestive enhancers, as well as micro- and macro-elements which, as you surely know, will give strength to your dog’s bones and enhance their vision and smell, as they tend to deteriorate with time. We also added inulin, a source of dietary fibre, which reduces cholesterol level and regulates sugar content in blood.


Smells like some really healthy stuff:

Dogs Plate Senior contains 72% of meat (chicken and beef), a recommended portion for mature dogs.

Did you know, that:

Spirulina is algae which has a high content of easily absorbable plant proteins and a number of unique nutrients reducing the risk of infections and autoimmunological diseases. High chlorophyll content has a detoxifying effect.

Glucosamine is a building block of cartilage tissue and it also protects and strengthens the joints, alleviating pain and stiffness. The body itself produces glucosamine, but the recommended level is achieved by supplementation.

Dandelion is as perfect as it gets if you want to add some easily absorbable vitamins and minerals to make your dog’s diet complete. It supports functions of many internal organs and helps your best companion to stay in good shape and always ready for a new adventure!

Sounds really good, huh? And there are much more healthy ingredients in our products. BOW-WOW GOOD!

Ingredients: chicken meat 50%, beef meat 22%, beetroot 10%, carrot 5,5%, apple 4,4%, whey protein 2,2%, green parsley, cod oil 1%, eggshell powder, brewer’s yeast, apple pectin, chicory inulin, devil’s claw, dried dandelion leaves, glucosamine, spirulina – dried algae.

Moisture content: 66%

Additives: None, a well-balanced mixture of natural ingredients is sufficient.

Feeding instructions: Remember about the transitional period and adjust the amount of food to your dog’s needs. Serve at room temperature and provide plenty of drinking water.

Storage conditions: Store at room temperature, protect from direct sunlight. After opening, keep in the fridge for no more than 2 days. 

Recommended daily portion depending on your dog’s weight:

Dog’s weight

Caloric needs

Dogs Plate daily portion

5 kg

299 kcal

0,9 jar

6 kg

343 kcal

1 jar

7 kg

384 kcal

1,15 jar

8 kg

426 kcal

1,3 jar

9 kg

465 kcal

1,4 jar

10 kg

511 kcal

1,5 jar

12,5 kg

595 kcal

1,8 jar

15 kg

676 kcal

2,1 jars

20 kg

842 kcal

2,5 jars

How about a one-month package?

Just tell us the age, breed and weight of your dog,  and we will prepare a one-month dog food package for you!


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