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Intensive physical activity calls for a well-balanced diet. Dogs Plate Active combines turkey and beef meat as sources of high-quality proteins, which are important building blocks of your dog’s muscles. An optimum selection of ingredients, including unsaturated fatty acids and valuable proteins, will satisfy the demand for energy, enhance the immune system and prevent injuries. If your dog is a very active outdoorsy kind, it is important to supply antioxidants; that is why we also added dried rose hip pulp and parsley which will help protect the dog’s body under physical strain. Now just try to keep pace with your best four-legged companion!


The ingredients you just can’t beat:

Dogs Plate Active contains 66.5% of meat (turkey and beef), a maximum recommended portion for active dogs.

Did you know, that:

Collagen provides intensive protection of your dog’s musculoskeletal system, minimizing the risk of injuries. Collagen protein is vital for the canine health and well-being – it supports joints, tendons and ligaments.

Lyophilized green-lipped mussel is bursting with biologically active ingredients which are responsible for the proper structure of the cartilage tissue and skin. Easily absorbable calcium will make your dog’s bones stronger.

Dried rose hip pulp is an ideal source of natural vitamin C, which is highly absorbable and biologically active. As such, it enhances the immune system and its regular supply will support the treatment of various musculoskeletal system’s conditions.

Sounds really good, huh? And there are much more healthy ingredients in our products. BOW-WOW GOOD!

Ingredients: turkey meat 50%, beef meat 16,5%, beef liver 6,5%, eggs with shells 6,5%, rice 5,5%, carrot 4,5%, beetroot 3,3%, cod oil 2,2%, apple 1%, green parsley, pork collagen, brewer’s yeast, chicory inulin, lyophilized green-lipped mussel, dried rose hip pulp.

Moisture content: 62%

Additives: None, a well-balanced mixture of natural ingredients is sufficient.

Feeding instructions: Remember about the transitional period and adjust the amount of food to your dog’s needs. Serve at room temperature and provide plenty of drinking water.

Storage conditions: Store at room temperature, protect from direct sunlight. After opening, keep in the fridge for no more than 2 days. 

Recommended daily portion depending on your dog’s weight:

Dog’s weight

Caloric needs

Dogs Plate daily portion

5 kg

374 kcal

0,8 jar

6 kg

429 kcal

0,95 jar

7 kg

482 kcal

1,1 jar

8 kg

533 kcal

1,2 jar

9 kg

582 kcal

1,3 jar

10 kg

639 kcal

1,4 jar

12,5 kg

744 kcal

1,65 jar

15 kg

854 kcal

1,9 jar

20 kg

1059 kcal

2,35 jars

How about a one-month package?

Just tell us the age, breed and weight of your dog,  and we will prepare a one-month dog food package for you!


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