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The intensive growth phase calls for a special diet. Dogs Plate Junior combines two sources of valuable proteins – poultry and beef meat. A well-balanced content of fats and amino acids will support development of the canine brain and nervous system, as well as bone growth. Your puppy needs more calcium and phosphorus than a grown-up dog, so we also added eggshell powder and dried lucerne (alfalfa) as excellent sources of minerals. It’s a tail-wagging yummy puppy food!


A few titbits about the ingredients: 

Dog Plate Junior contains 71.7% of meat (poultry and beef), an optimum portion for dogs in their growth phase.

Did you know, that:

Brewer’s yeast is like a magic potion to your puppy’s skin and coat. But not only that – it also improves immunity and enhances the nutritional value and flavour of dog food.

Eggshell powder is rich in calcium and is a basic building block of your puppy’s bones and teeth. The more calcium in the body, the stronger and more resistant to fracture the canine skeletal system is.

Dried lucerne (alfalfa) is bursting with minerals – including beta-carotene, vitamins B, C, D, E, P and K, as well as mineral salts such as potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus or magnesium. It supports the growth of ‘friendly’ bacteria in intestines, and high chlorophyll content has a detoxifying effect.

Sounds really good, huh? And there are much more healthy ingredients in our products. BOW-WOW GOOD!

Ingredients: chicken meat 55%, beef meat 16,7%, beetroot 8%, carrot 7%, apple 4,5%, cod oil 4,4%, oat flakes 1%, eggshell powder, dried Lucerne (alfalfa), brewer’s yeast, apple pectin, dried brown sea algae.

Moisture content: 64%

Additives: None, a well-balanced mixture of natural ingredients is sufficient.

Feeding instructions: Remember about the transitional period and adjust the amount of food to your dog’s needs. Serve at room temperature and provide plenty of drinking water.

Storage conditions: Store at room temperature, protect from direct sunlight. After opening, keep in the fridge for no more than 2 days. 

Recommended daily portion depending on your dog’s weight:

Dog’s weight

Caloric needs

Up to 4 months

Dogs Plate daily portion

5 kg

702 kcal

1,45 jar

6 kg

804 kcal

1,65 jar

7 kg

902 kcal

1,9 jar

8 kg

999 kcal

2,1 jars

9 kg

1092 kcal

2,3 jars

10 kg

1182 kcal

2,5 jars


Dog’s weight

Caloric needs

Above 4 months

Dogs Plate daily portion

5 kg

468 kcal

1 jar

6 kg

536 kcal

1,1 jar

7 kg

603 kcal

1,25 jar

8 kg

666 kcal

1,4 jar

9 kg

728 kcal

1,5 jar

10 kg

788 kcal

1,65 jar

12,5 kg

930 kcal

2 jars

15 kg

1068 kcal

2,25 jars

20 kg

1324 kcal

2,75 jars

How about a one-month package?

Just tell us the age, breed and weight of your dog,  and we will prepare a one-month dog food package for you!


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