We are best friends of your best friends! Yes, of your four-legged, wet-nosed friends.

Why us? Because to make Dogs Plate food, we have mastered all ins and outs of the nutritional needs of dogs and their favourite flavours. And we have partnered with animal nutritionists to create 6 kinds of dog food to meet the various needs of the man’s best friend at different stages of their lives.


Dogs Plate products are served in 180g and 360g jars. We carefully pick the ingredients, put them into jars and then cook them to pasteurize the product. Thanks to the pasteurization process, our products are always delivered fresh. Speaking of which – have you heard that we have home delivery? Yes, we can even send our products right to your doorstep! :)

We guarantee a maximum quantity of fresh meat combined with healthy and natural ingredients. All coming from local fields, with no preservatives – BOW-WOW GOOD!


Dog food to suit various age groups and nutritional needs:

  • Dogs Plate Junior – for puppies,
  • Dogs Plate Senior – for mature and senior dogs,
  • Dogs Plate Active – for play-and-chase lovers.

Diet dog food to meet particular nutritional needs:

  • Dogs Plate Sensitive – for dogs with a sensitive nature,
  • Dogs Plate Light – for heavyweight dogs (with a bit of weight to lose),
  • Dogs Plate Proliver – for lovers of light diets.