Meat is what all dog food is based on. Each Dogs Plate product contains a maximum portion of fresh meat to suit its purpose. To optimise the diet and enrich the flavour, we do not use any animal products, just meat. And this is exactly why Dogs Plate equals top quality. If you like it, wag your tail!


This traditional food preservation method does not require any additives, it is as natural as can be, and environmentally friendly on top of that. It preserves the flavour and the highest nutritional value. The process is based on pressure and temperature treatment and gives a long shelf life to our products. It’s basically just like you own home-made preserves. All you need to do is to put it on your best companion’s plate!


Our products are made of ingredients sourced from local suppliers. They are also made in Poland only. As a result, we can offer you fresh and natural dog food in jars, with home delivery directly from our facility right to your doorstep!

Dogs Plate is a combination of healthy and nutritional ingredients based on our knowledge on canine dietary requirements. We steer clear of preservatives, artificial additives and colorants. As a low-processed and natural product with no flavour enhancers, Dogs Plate is a complete and wholesome meal for your best friend.


A well-balanced diet is a must if you want your four-legged friends to be healthy and full of life. The food must be suitable to their needs – especially if they have food intolerances or other conditions. Based on the special formula and unique combination of ingredients, our dietary products will meet the special nutritional needs, alleviate certain symptoms and support good health.

Dogs Plate Light

If your dog is overweight, you need to reduce the calorie intake while providing all the ingredients necessary for a dog to stay in good shape. To that end, we have combined lean meat with vegetables rich in vitamins. We have reduced the carbohydrates and fat content. Inulin is a source of dietary fibre which ensures good bowel movement and a feeling of satiety. Time to go on a diet, you canine gluttons!

Dogs Plate Proliver

Dogs with liver problems need a well-balanced diet with reduced protein and fat content. We have combined high-quality protein found in low-fat turkey meat, easily digestible carbohydrates as the source of energy, and a well-balanced selection of ingredients supporting protein and fat metabolism. Your dog’s liver will be in the finest shape!

Dogs Plate Sensitive

The Sensitive range was prepared for dogs with special nutritional needs due to food intolerance. We eliminated all allergens and created a simple formula with less protein sources, with the addition of omega-3 fatty acids to alleviate inflammations and skin irritations. A simple formula for a healthy life!